How to search in a target language

A high-level guide for allowing users to search in a target language.

The translateImmediate method is a versatile tool. One powerful feature it can unlock for you is that you can start supporting search in target languages.

Here is an example of this workflow for an e-commerce company:

  1. The source language of the site is English, and one of the target languages is Spanish.
  2. A Spanish speaker visits the site, and they search for mejores sofás blancos.
  3. The e-commerce company passes in mejores sofás blancos to the translateImmediate method.
  4. Localize will immediately return the English translation, best white sofas.
  5. The company can then pass this English search query into their search function and show the relevant content on the page to the user.
  6. This content will be translated into Spanish thanks to the Localize tag.

This is just one example of how the translateImmediate method can be used. If you want to explore how it could help your localization workflows, contact our Customer Success team.



The translateImmediate feature is not available on all subscription plans. Please contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager for details.