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Import a File using cURL
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Export a File using cURL
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You can create and view your API Private Key here.

Try it

To test this endpoint using the Try It feature:

  1. Copy your Localize API Key into the Header field in the AUTHENTICATION section on the right.
  2. Fill in all required fields below, and any optional fields as needed.
  3. Click the Try it button.
  4. View the results and any error returns on the right side of the screen.

Feel free to copy the sample code provided on the right side of the screen into your source code project to get a start on using this endpoint.

Note that using the Try It feature will affect the data in your Localize dashboard!

You can find the language codes here in your dashboard.


File Download

If using Try It and your attempt is successful, you will see an on-screen message that says "A binary file was downloaded", showing that a file would have been downloaded.

You can click on the Metadata link to see more info about the downloaded file, but a file won't actually be downloaded, it's just a simulation.

Click Try It! to start a request and see the response here!